Dodał: Ponad rok temu
Once again I came to the Kwadrans restaurant in Kazimierz Dolny. As a rule, the food has never been stunning but reasonably decent.
Unfortunately, this time it was a culinary failure.
I ordered ribs and honestly I admit something so nasty I never ate.
The ribs were overgrown, hard and so overgrown with fat that they were not eligible for food.
This is one failure, the other one is the service, which to draw attention to the fact that the dish is not eligible for food was unable to face the situation.
One waiter (I think the head of the room?) Quickly walked away and called for a friend who served us. The waitress, in turn, began to tell some weird stories that you never see what meat she buys.
A minimum of propriety would be at least to offer a free dessert, but it exceeded the skills of service in this place.
Deficiencies in elementary training are visible. Friendly service boils down to saying good morning and goodbye. However, this is not enough.
Well, I paid for what I give for my application and probably I will not visit this restaurant anymore.
I sincerely advise against.
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