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Czarna Perła Sarbinowo

2017-09-21, 12:28
Great place, new, well kept cottages, great playground, the biggest attraction is the pirate ship - my children are delighted. Nice service, family atmosphere. The resort recommended me acquaintance - I would also recommend!

Willa Gladiola

2017-09-21, 11:48
My personal observations on the object are the years of the Polish People's Republic Room deviated from the photos on the internet. The cabinets are full of dust and musty sting. Double bed is two couches joined together on the sides built....

Zielony Domek

2017-09-21, 11:27
I also recommend this cottage, I am very happy with the stay and still very impressed! The green cottage is unique, has everything you need, and above all has its charm. I encourage everyone to choose this cottage as the perfect accommodation!

Dom Pod Skarpą

2017-09-21, 11:18
Quiet and peaceful place, with a beautiful view of the panorama of Babia Gora. Clean and fragrant. Both room, bathroom and kitchen functionally decorated. Near to the trails


2017-09-21, 10:55
Wonderful place, full of warmth, climate and everything you need to relax. Beautiful and peaceful surroundings are conducive to walking and cycling. The owner was good, always skin to help. We will definitely be going back again not once! Highly...


2017-09-21, 10:23
Beautiful surroundings, a little far to the center, but there is a blissful silence and calm away from the hustle and bustle of the street. Rooms clean, bathrooms also, and for that you can prepare small meals in the kitchenette. I would recommend!


Low Fi Festiwal

Low Fi Festiwal

Low Fi Festiwal zrodził się z kilku przyczyn. Po pierwsze – zarazem chyba najważniejsze – nie dzieją się zbyt często tego typu imprezy w Polsce. Po drugie – na scenie muzycznej da...