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Hostel Relaks

9 Very good!

I was in August 2017. Very pleased. For two days I am going there again

Krystyna 2018-01-18
25 /usługę

School Youth Hostel in Olsztyn

7.4 Good!

Service very nice, but what the room where I was staying smelled of smoke, because the chimney was not quite tight dzwiczki.Latem when...

Agnieszka 2015-10-15
170 /usługę

Mieszkanie Olsztyn

9.2 Sensational!

The premises consistent with the description. Affordable rental price. Nice service . recommend

Sebastian 2019-08-03
35 /usługę

Wygodna Chata

9.6 Sensational!

I recommend it most. ;) Offer consistent with reality, the owner very polite and helpful, parking under the building so you do not need...

Małgorzata 2019-07-10
35 /usługę

Impuls Olsztyn

8.6 Very good!

:) :) :)

Paulina 2015-03-10
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40 /usługę


9.2 Sensational!

A very short but pleasant stay. The owner is actually a very nice and charming person. Room clean and very nicely decorated, comfortable...

Magda Popielarz 2018-08-14

Noclegi u Grażki

9.8 Sensational!

Ubytovanie celkom them příjemné, chambers sú Čisté and they burst, personál milý them. Ubytovanie už sme are here druhy trellis in half...

Pavol 2014-02-10
120 /usługę

Warnija Noclegi

10 Sensational!

Very beautiful apartment with a well-equipped kitchen, large and nice bathroom. Well-thought-out furniture can be seen - lots of roomy...

Justyna Rudzka 2019-08-19
45 /usługę

Zacisze Mazur

9.6 Sensational!

A great resort, I highly recommend it for people looking for peace and quiet and relaxation. Excellent location when it comes to the...

Ewa Radzikowska 2019-08-11
50 /usługę

Ośrodek Wczasowy Posejdon

7.2 Good!

Very good location of the resort. Plus for: distance from the lake and the beach, bicycle routes, a small but nice playground in front of...

Ewa 2018-07-09
35 /usługę

Szkółka wędkarska Tumiany

7.8 Good!

Cottage by the lake, 2 private jetty and boat for guests. Home tutors after an interim marriage. Peace and quiet. The cottage is very...

Justyna 2017-07-11
216 /usługę

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Witland

This property has not been reviewed yet. You have been here? Leave your review!