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Ostatnie opinie

Anna Szostak, Poznań
2014-07-30 14:09:23

Subscribe to his arms and legs in positive opinions about the place :) Room fantastic, the food just sensational, contact and helpful owners, organization of...

Jakub Reszkowski, Głogowo
2014-01-09 11:19:06

Very nice room, comfortable, but also very intimate, equipped with everything should fit into this one could of approaches in the restaurant where delicious...

WEJH, Wejherowo
2013-11-26 13:16:25

I would recommend :) Awesome place.

Butonierka, Głogów
2013-11-22 13:44:37

I agree with you. The whole family were pleased with the stay. Excellent conditions for accommodation. If someone wants to perfect rest, it's like the most.