Guesthouse Topór - HOT TUBE, fire place, RELAX
Budzowa 2, 34-531 Murzasichle Show on map 2kilometers

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Customer Service Office: 506-506-927

Description of accommodation

Pension Topór it's a wooden building, located in High Tatra, next to Zakopane. The whole building is finished in wood, providing a perfect atmosphere to relax. There are rooms with bathrooms and rooms with bathrooms on the corridor. Pension is surrounded by a large recreational garden.There is also available an independent apartment, a two-storey wooden house. It has two floors with a living room, bathroom and balcony, from which is a view of the whole Tatras. Apartment is equipped with fridge, microwave oven, kettle, dishes and cutlery, TV, wireless internet. Watch Video: We offer also Apartment "Giewont". It's a stylish wooden building for 2-6 people, all finished in wood, located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, near Zakopane, providing a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation. The house has two floors: living room, bathroom and fridge, microwave oven, kettle, dishes and cutlery, TV. Around the building there is parking large,...


  • bathroom
  • tv set
  • campfire
  • barbecue
  • car parking
  • sauna
  • bicycles
  • conferences
  • food
  • play ground
  • swimming pool
  • handicap Accessible
  • fireplace, hall with fireplace
  • sand-pit
  • living room
  • internet
  • non smoking

We speak:

  • Hello Język angielski

Skiing conditions w Murzasichlu

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Conditions on the slope: very good
Thickness of the snow cover: 60-70 cm