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Konto usunięte
2015-05-02 14:51:30

spacious, clean, modern hostel, mixed feelings and helpful staff, location in the center at ul. Piotrowska, great access, parking. I would recommend!

Adam, Warszawa
2014-10-09 14:51:12

Definitely an enjoyable stay, nice decor theme, friendly and patient support;) I recommend

Description of accommodation

Are you looking for accommodation at an affordable price? You have found the right place! You will be surprised with the low prices at Music Hostel!Welcome to Music Hostel located in the direct centre of Łódź, at Piotrkowska 60. Music Hostel is a great choice for those looking for high comfort for a low price. The Hostel is open all year round, 24h a day, and offers accommodation for a total of 40 guests in double, triple, 4-, and 6-person rooms. Competitive prices, interesting interior...