It is amazing how different feelings we have from those in the above-mentioned opinions.
We have come across quite a surprise since the arrival. Another building and another room. Reportedly a failure ...
Our apartment was supposed to be 70 meters long - it was very important for us (3 adults and 2 children)
Two nights we slept in a different house, in which there was no chance of placing 5 people, so 1 person stayed in a nearby guest house - there is no family at all;)
The biggest surprise was the bill to which the price of this accommodation was added to another guesthouse, and the owner did not provide a place. It is not necessary to charge us with costs, where we were previously assured that due to failure and re-accommodation of one person, the owner will cover the costs.
I do not wish anyone to spend their holidays packing and unpacking instead of being rested. The date of removal was changed twice. My frustration and willingness to leave was enormous. Due to the children and the distance from the house, we did not do it.

Kazimierz defended himself with his beauty and climate, thanks to that we did not have the sense of wasted holidays.

Departure: rodzinny

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