Katarzyna Gajda
We've been to this place several times, now we came back from a holiday stay. Delicious breakfasts, a friendly staff, great location, nice rooms with a microscopic bathroom (someone with larger dimensions may have a problem). Unfortunately, the failure was dinner on the first day of Christmas. Someone came up with an idea to give a goose - a meal that not everyone eats and you have to be able to cook it. It was supposed to be a goose fillet and we got a thick, a few cm thick, hard piece of meat with bone and skin. Comments were different. Some guests did not even move the dishes, some tried to eat hard meat. At the statement of our neighbors, that this is not a fillet, the lady who spreads the dishes answered "yes, the fillet with the bone" and aroused general mirth. The goose was given greens and a pile of rice from the water so most of the guests left hungry. Fortunately, there are a lot of pubs in Kazimierz where you can eat very well (which we and others did). I think someone wanted it well but it did not work out. If such a specific dish is served then there should be some alternative, eg a regular pork chop (dinner costs PLN 50 per person). In addition, a successful stay, Kazimierz as always beautiful and conducive to tourists.
Departure: w parze

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