I will present the pros and cons of this object.
A huge plus for remarkable architecture (for which the object received the prize in 2007), an observation deck, a kettle in the room and the kindness of the owner.
And now the cons ...
The rooms are very small. The 2-bedded room was 2 x 3 meters, and the bathroom was 1 x 2 meters - I do not know if he would like to spend a few days in such a single, let alone a couple.
At every step, you can see a saving when it comes to the yardage: a sink so small that you can not pour water into the kettle, you have to cope differently.
Cleaned only superficially, both in the room and in the bathroom. The drains of water have long been disinfected, and behind the cabinets full of dust, fear to think what was behind the bed and under it. I got rashes from the concentration of dust mites.
Another minus is that the owner apparently is based on what he invested at the beginning, i.e. probably in 2007, namely some things are suitable for replacement: toilet seats - they are wooden, not very hygienic, door handles round, some stuck, no towels - it is known that everyone takes their own, but even under the shower, under the feet would come in handy, no blinds in the roof windows - if there are two roof windows in the room, then there should be a blind in one so that people do not have to travel waking up at dawn, another minus is the lack of liquid soap - it is known that everyone prefers their own, but although for a better standard, one could bet.

There is so little to significantly improve the standard of this very nice facility.
I hope that the owners will read this and apply themselves more.
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