Dom Casimi
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Szeroka 7/8, 31-053 Kraków Show on map 1kilometers

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3 bed room with bathroom (2)

from 280

4 bed room with bathroom

from 340

W naszym obiekcie oferujemy Państwu 22 miejsca noclegowe

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Anna, Gliwice
2013-08-18 18:29:51

The only good points are: Location and staff. Moreover, far too high price for the room leaving much to be desired in terms of cleanliness. Rusty and stony...

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Beata Pala, Dębica
2012-12-18 22:41:53

Cozy interior, great location, and above all - a friendly staff!

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Wojtek Bednarek, Katowice
2012-12-13 15:23:37

Very good place. Delicious breakfast, location in the heart of magical Kazimierz, a friendly staff that is always indicate where to go, affordable prices. I...

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Description of accommodation


  • bathroom
  • tv set
  • radio
  • car parking
  • bicycles
  • conferences
  • we accept credit cards
  • internet

We speak:

  • Hello Język angielski