Dom Casimi

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Ostatnie opinie

Anna, Gliwice
2013-08-18 18:29:51

The only good points are: Location and staff. Moreover, far too high price for the room leaving much to be desired in terms of cleanliness. Rusty and stony...

Beata Pala, Dębica
2012-12-18 22:41:53

Cozy interior, great location, and above all - a friendly staff!

Description of accommodation

Dom Casimi - Your New HOME !

 The “Dom Casimi” Hotel’s location is extremely convenient for all the visitors to Cracow. It is situated in the heart of Kazimierz (Casimi in Latin), which was established by the Polish king Kazimierz [Casimir the Great] in the 14th century. It later became the Jewish district, and Szeroka Street was in the real heart of it. We can be found at 7/8 Szeroka street.The picturesque old streets of Kazimierz appeared in the famous movie “Shindler’s list” by Steven Spielberg.Our Hotel is located...