Dom Casimi
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Szeroka 7/8, 31-053 Kraków Show on map 1kilometers

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3 bed room with bathroom (2)

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4 bed room with bathroom

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The only good points are: Location and staff. Moreover, far too high price for the room leaving much to be desired in terms of cleanliness. Rusty and stony shower and the general feeling nieświeżości not allowed to use the shower. Cobwebs of flies and spiders on the ceiling. You could understand it all by paying 50 zł but not 200 zł per room! Only the beauty of Krakow and its neighborhoods leave positive feeling nice time. I do not recommend even at the cost of a good location ....
Beata Pala
Beata Pala
Cozy interior, great location, and above all - a friendly staff!
Wojtek Bednarek
Wojtek Bednarek
Very good place. Delicious breakfast, location in the heart of magical Kazimierz, a friendly staff that is always indicate where to go, affordable prices. I would recommend a person of any age, and above all a couple wanting to spend time together in a cozy place.

Description of accommodation


  • bathroom
  • tv set
  • radio
  • car parking
  • bicycles
  • conferences
  • we accept credit cards
  • internet

We speak:

  • Hello Język angielski