Dodał: Ponad rok temu
Hmm, these good opinions are puzzling me. Other portals are definitely negative.

And in the subject of opinion - I do not recommend it !!!
Fatal service, no one will say good morning, will not smile, has you in general in your soul. You pay in the beginning, not seeing the room so later no one is interested. The priority is the events and trips of Germans - here the service is well dressed, she talks, she has time, surprisingly she even smiles sometimes.

Simple meals, soups regularly seasoned, no additives (ketchup, horseradish, lemon for tea, etc). You have to ask for everything, ask, wait.

Rooms - stinks every now and then; the owners know but do nothing; if you complain, they belong domestos. No cleaning for a week; no one will even ask for the lack of toilet paper or garbage bags - you have to walk and ask.

Attractions - damaged playground, basketball court - hmm, a broken basket. The balls are missing. Billiard is - but only 1 stick strongly devastated. Table football is - but the balls are gone. The sauna is but it does not work. Unclean beach, piles of swans, lots of seaweed, etc.
Departure: rodzinny

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